Sustainability at HUEX

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We are in the business of bringing efficiency to the Restaurant ordering function. Every milli-second we eliminate from the process of serving customers, helps the Brand save crucial time with cars running in idling, spewing gas continuously and thus causing harmful emission to the planet. At HUEX we are working on several workstreams to reduce […]

Startup Spotlight – – HUEX AI

This article was first published on HUEX Labs was founded on the premise that the hospitality industry is facing a huge labor crisis and automation is the key to alleviate some of the pains the franchise operators face on a day-to-day basis, to operate their locations. We have built an automation AI that mimics […]

Accelerator Center – Founder Spotlight: Anik Seth, co-founder of HUEX Labs

This article was originally published by The Accelerator Center. HUEX’s Automated Intelligent Drive-Thru Assistant (AiDA) is an AI-powered “team member” that delivers automated end-to-end order-taking functionality for the drive-thrus. The platform can help free up employees to focus on other store areas and provide customers with a seamless ordering experience. Welcome back to our Founder […]

Food Ordering Tech – Change is the only constant

Just a few decades ago, if you were to find the way to reach the local restaurants, you would pick up the Yellow Pages Phone Directory, look up the Restaurant name and call – for any questions customers may have. If you were to order a couple Pizzas at the local Domino’s, you would call […] Podcast – Conversational AI for drive through restaurants

HUEX AI had the opportunity to be on VUX World‘s podcast by the Top 10 Voice AI Influencer – Kane Simms. Here is the Link to the Podcast stream. About VUX World is the front door to the world of AI-powered customer experience, helping business leaders and teams understand why voice, conversational AI and […]

Are Phone lines at restaurants dead? Long live phone lines.

Introduction Once upon a time, it was enough for restaurant operators to know their customer’s name, but now, they want to know their customer’s location, the car they drive and the type of food they order. The constant ringing of the Phone lines at Front of the House (FOH) is a good indicator of the […]

Helping businesses capture the power of Voice AI technology

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“Voice is harder than registering a click or typing. Because it is not a mouse, keyboard or a microphone anymore. It is the HUMAN diversity, accent, tone, pitch, signal, noise and a million other things at play before an instruction could be detected automatically by an algorithm”. AI Partnership Corporation put this great whitepaper covering […]

How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Are Improving Restaurant Operations

Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are a new development in the world of artificial intelligence that might help restaurants address many of their ongoing problems. We can all comfortably admit technology has changed drastically since Siri was first introduced (under Apple, at least) 2011, right? Even with the smart speaker market nearly doubling since 2018, the hope for enterprises to […]